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  Duration   1 Hour
  Size   1.72 GB
  Quality   HD
  Difficulty   Medium
Product Description

"This is a very sexy method and utility device that doesn't just create miracles,instead it gives that moment of astonishment we as magicians desire" - Justin Miller

"This project is packed with brilliantly creative and practical material. Anyone watching this will be itching to test out the routines within." - Lloyd Barnes

"Walletrix can only be defined as a stroke of genius!" - Kevin Schaller 


Walletrix is first ever project which includes 6 amazing effects that can be done using a normal ordinary ungimmicked Wallet. 

Whats so special in this project? 
1) 6 amazing super visual effects 
2) No special skill required 
3) Can be done with most everyday wallets 
4) Gimmick/setup/method super easy. 
5) Wallet is fully examinable at the end.

|| Explanation contains separate videos for each effects ||
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